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White Wines

Made from white varieties (Preferential: Godello, Loureira, Treixadura, Dona Branca, Albariño, Torrontes and Lado. Authorised: Palomino white)

If it is made:

  • VALDEORRAS GODELLO: whit 100% Godello.
  • VALDEORRAS NOBLE GRAPE VARIETIES: with a minimum of 85% of preferential varieties.
  • VALDEORRAS WHITE: from the preferential or authorised white varieties.

Red Wines

Made from preferential red grapes (Mencía, Tempranillo, Brancellao, Merenzao, Sousón, Caíño Tinto, Espadeiro and Ferrón), or authorised red grapes (Gran Negro, Garnacha Tintureira and Mouratón).

If it is made:

  • VALDEORRAS MENCÍA: with 85% Mencía.
  • VALDEORRAS NOBLE GRAPE VARIETIES: with a minimum of 85% of preferential red varieties.
  • VALDEORRAS RED: from the preferential or authorised red varieties.

Fizzy wine

A fizzy wine obtained using the traditional method, made with a minimum of 85% Godello grape.

Sweet wine

Naturally sweet wine made from red varieties or from Godello.

Controlled production

The different finished red wines abovementioned, and Valdeorras Godello, obtained using grapes from wineries with limited production


All types of Valdeorras red and white wines subjected to aging in oak barrels can be labelled, in accordance with current legislation, Barrica, Crianza and Gran Reserva.


Seal of guarantee Valdeorras

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cuadrada_blanco4 contraetiqueta_blancogenerico

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14 contraetiqueta_tostado-copia

White vinification

Red Vinification