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Godello de Valdeorras, emblema dunha terra

Compilation of reserach about Godello of Valdeorras.

Actas de la cultura del vino

Proceedings of the first peninsular congress in O Barco de Valdeorras of 10 to 12 of May in 2002.

Valdeorras: Descúbrela

Tourist Guide that presents the wealth of monuments, landscapes, ethnographic, commercial and gastronomic of the Valdeorras region.

Valdeorras en la Guerra de la independencia

Matching by photographs and maps, tells what happened during the French invasion.

Priorato de Xagoaza

The historical reference to a prosperous Galician region.

El Santuario de Nuestra Señora de las Ermitas

The Santuario de Nuestra Señora de las Ermitas is a scientific study of singular monument, not only for its architecture but also for its history as a focus of popular devotion.

El Tejo y el Teixedal de Casaio

A book that approaches the study of yew and teixedal after an investigation by the author of this kind and this forest.

Contos e lendas da terra do Bolo (1ª y 2ª parte)

Contains preface, introduction and new stories that recreate as many stories and legends drawn from the oral tradition of the Terra do Bolo by the author.


Rosa’s story, gives way to his personal opinions about the world around us, very marked in the text, and sometimes are a little moralistic, but that give consistency to the book, in the sense they do so closer and more familiar. The discomfort of having something to say and not knowing how to cast it out, is dissipated through the pages of this novel.

Vida e obra dun poeta valdeorrés republicano e galeguista

Life and work of writer Florencio Delgado Gurriarán

Historia del Bierzo y Valdeorras

It tells more originating data and provenance of these two places, El Bierzo and Valdeorras.