27 Feb 2015

Wines from Spain Fair 2015. Valdeorras godellos presented in London


The president of the prestigious Master of Wine Institute and one of the leading authorities in the world of wine, Sarah Jane Evans, was commissioned to speak and discover the excellence of valdeorras godellos of attendees at a masterclass entitled ” Valdeorras uncovered” ( valdeorras uncovered ) . A chat with tasting this week was part of the activities of the fair ” Wines from Spain Fair 2015 ” in London. A meeting organized by the department Wines of Spain ICEX ( Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) of the Embassy of Spain in London and with the collaboration of the City Council of O Barco and the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras.

The tasting of wines from Valdeorras Godello was led about 50 professionals English market. Here they met the particularities of godellos according to the types of land where they grow the strains and by developing each winemaker done with this variety. This tasting was the first promotional activity that name valdeorresa held in UK. The UK market is the first destination in offering quality wines sold under the protection of the names of Spanish origin.

Wines from Spain Fair  Wines from Spain Fair 



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