Pickled Mackerel · Rib of Beef from Bandeira · Rolled Sugar and Orange

Authors: Grupo Nove

From Left to Right:
Javier González (A Rexidora-Bentraces • Ourense)
Miguel Ángel Campos (A Gabeira • Ferrol)
Alberto González (Silabario •Tui • Pontevedra)
Iñaqui Bretal (Eirado da Leña • Pontevedra)

D.O. Valdeorras wines and the Galician Gastronomic Group, Nove, have produced a wine pairing worthy of being in a film.

D.O. Valdeorras and the renowned New Galician Cuisine Collective are spreading the news about their mutual collaboration on the promotion and diffusion of Valdeorras’ wines and the “Vanguard Kitchen Made in Galicia,” which they make in their restaurants all over Galicia. In order to do so, they’ve worked together to produce and direct three videos (under the title A Universe on Each Plate) about the extraordinary pairing of the DO Valdeorras wines and the New Galician Cuisine Collective’s Vanguard recipes, inspired by their traditional cultural heritage and the quality of Galician products.

Eleven members of Grupo Nove, (Pablo Romero, Yayo Daporta, Javier Olleros, Héctor López, Javier Rodríguez “Taky”, Pepe Solla, Antonio Botana, Javier González, Miguel Ángel Campos, Alberto González, and Iñaki Bretal), travelled from their respective places of origin in the four Galician provinces to Valdeorras to participate in the filming of the three videos that are shown in this section. The videos were filmed in one of the typical underground wine cellar regions of Galicia and in one of Galicia’s most emblematic and picturesque, pre-autumnal vineyards. In addition, aerial shots, which were recently filmed from a helicopter, show the Valdeorras region to the world.

The recipes that are paired with Valdeorras’ wines are a Grupo Nove creation. In each video, the chefs present a three-course menu (starter, main dish, and dessert). All of them are perfectly paired with Valdeorras’ Godello or Mencía wines. There is even a special dessert that was created to go with Valdeorras’ toasted wine, which was recently put on the market. Moreover, the public can prepare these exclusive dishes at home and pair them with

Valdeorras wines because, just after the video, animated graphics are shown that explain in detail which ingredients are use in the dishes as well as how to prepare and present them.


Picked Mackerel with Cebreiro cheese at the Godello Valdeorras


Rib of Beef from Bandeira with poached squash and cheese from Arzúa


Rolled Sugar and Orange filling Mousse Chocolate and Apple ice-cream