24 Jul 2014

We interviewed Pilar Blanco, researcher of the EVEGA.

Pilar Blanco e Juan Casares nas xornadas

‘Autochthonous yeasts can be used to enhance the typicity of wines made with our varieties, such as godello’

Yeasts turn grape sugars in alcohol and other components that define the chemical and sensory properties of wine. In addition, they are a source of other products of interest that contribute to the differentiation of wines. This was the subject of a few training workshops held in O Barco entitled ‘Potential of the yeast and its Bioproducts as differentiating agents for Galician wines’. An activity, in the last edition of the fair of the wine of Valdeorras 17TH, which was organized by the viticulture and enology of Galicia (EVEGA) station and which counted with the collaboration of the Council regulator of Valdeorras. More than 40 people among wine producers, winemakers and wineries and regulatory Council technical staff participated in this Conference. Among the lecturers were the researcher Pilar Blanco introduced “Guide for the use of the GTEVE group non-Saccharomyces yeasts”.

How this guide was developed and who developed it?

The “Guide on the use of yeasts non-Saccharomyces in the elaboration of the wine” of the Group GTEVE (working group of experimentation in viticulture and oenology), was developed from the EVEGA under my coordination and with the collaboration of different research groups from other communities including: IFAPA-Andalusia, Aragon Government, IVICAM-Castilla-La Mancha, ITACYL-Castilla y León, INCAVI-Catalonia, Extremadura oenological stationIMIDRA-Madrid, Navarra, Basque country, ICVV-CIDA-Rioja, Madrid-UPM.

How long it took you?

It took a year, among the collection of works in the different centers and adapt them to a common format. It arose at the meeting of the GTEVE in Murcia in the year 2013.

How can you buy or have access to this guide for the use of yeast?

The guide is in procedures for publication in the Ministry while both can be obtained by contacting the EVEGA.

-What would highlight on the uses of this type of yeast to apply them to the wines of Valdeorras (godello and mencia)?

Application of these yeast allows to obtain wines with less alcoholic and one higher glycerol content, as well as other minor components, making it stand out in tasting to those made with Yeast Saccharomyces.

The selection and production of autochthonous yeast can help to enhance the characteristics of varieties such as godello?

Yes, native yeasts can be used to enhance the typicity of wines made with our varieties such as godello. In this line, in the EVEGA already have some yeast who gave satisfactory results at an experimental level.

Pilar Blanco, researcher of the EVEGA


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