10 Jul 2018

Valdeorras joins the CLUB of ENAC-accredited designations of origin

The chairman of the Valdeorras Designation of Origin Regulatory Council, Mr. José Luis García Pando, announced today, in a press conference to present the region’s 21st Wine Fair, that the body he chairs ‘has joined the club of ENAC-accredited designations of origin.’ As Mr García Pando highlighted, ‘the joint efforts of the entire wine industry in the region, particularly the Regulatory Council’s quality division and the wineries, which had to adapt to the rules,’ were critical to achieve this accreditation.

ENAC accreditation will serve to ensure that there is a tight quality control and full legal certainty behind each bottle of Valdeorras wine. The body chaired by Mr. García Pando started in 2012 the work to adapt to ENAC accreditation, as required by the EU.

The chairman of the Regulatory Council made the announcement in a press conference to present the 21st Valdeorras Wine Fair



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