/* */ Valdeorras ended harvest with 6,554.798 kilos
23 Oct 2015
Vendimadores en Bodega Roandi

Harvesters in Roandi Winery


     The campaign to collect grapes in the region of Valdeorras was closed in October after 38 days of harvest. The final information indicated that were collected 6,554.798 kilos of grapes, which represents 164.746 kilos more than in the campaign of 2014 in which the amount was of 6,390.052 kilos. The preferential varieties, Godello and Mencía, increased their production assuming almost 75% of the total of the harvest with 4,891.263 kilos.

     Last August, 27th, it started a campaign of harvest that began with more than a week in advance with respect to the 2014, and 38 days after, closed in October 4th. During that time 43 wineries of this appellation did their harvest under control of 12 technical observers. In this campaign the preferential variety, Godello, increased its production by 198.416 kilos over the previous year. It was collected 2,767.025 kilos of Godello. Also in the preferential varieties, Dona Branca variety was collected 168 kilos when in 2014 there was no harvest of this variety.

      In red varieties, the preferential variety, Mencía, also increased their quantities with 233.272 kilos more in this campaign, with a total amount of 2,124.238 kilos. In addition, other preferential varieties increased their quantities too: Sousón with 37.048 kilos (32.961 kilos in the year 2014), Merenzao with 6.277 kilograms (5.797 kilos in 2014) and Tempranillo with 12.617 kilos (12.032 kilos in 2014).

     Analyzing the information of the Council Regulatory of Valdeorras Apellation can also see that the variety of Albarello were collected 10.452 kilos, lower in compared with the 13.115 kilos of last year. In the authorised varieties, the Palomino (Jerez) and Alicante reduced their production, passing in the case of the Palomino of 782.634 kilos in 2014 to 611.157 kilos in this campaign and in the Alicante last year were 1,083.938 kilos and this year were in 985.816 kilos.

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