18 Nov 2016

The Regulatory Council set up a promotional campaign on Valdeorras wines in the seven Galician cities

The President of the Regulatory Council of the Guarantee of Origin Valdeorras, Francisco García, presented this morning at a press conference the graphic image and the philosophy of a promotional campaign on Valdeorras wines that will be launched for a month in the main Galician cities: A Coruña, Santiago, Ferrol, Pontevedra, Vigo, Lugo and Ourense. The campaign focuses on “Unique Know-How” of the professionals wines of Valdeorras. A way of elaborating that turns out to be in a high quality product, as are our whites and reds ones”, said García. 

The promotional initiative’s slogan is An unique know-how and shows the value of the way of elaborating, that has allowed the “wines of our D.O. (Guarantee of Origin) are placed as the third most valued of Spain, behind those of Priorat and Jérez in the Guía Peñín. In addition, the young wines of Valdeorras lead the ranking of the best ones in Spain according to the experts of this same specialized publication, “said the President of the Regulatory Council. 

The philosophy and graphic image of this initiative is based on the claim “An unique know-how” of the professionals related to the wine sector of the region

Graphic Aphorism
The campaign’s graphic presents an illustration based on the elements linked to the world of wine with a fantastic touch. It intends to cause a surprise effect through the visual association of two images that associate freely related concepts and at the same time opposed. It deals with illustrations with unique and imaginary objects, as a graphic aphorism.

The resulting object is an opener that in its lower part there are vine leaves, instead of corkscrew. “A unique objet like unique is the know-how of Valdeorras”, concept valued by Jorge Isla, the representative of the company in charge of this creative idea.

Graphic Image in the Urban Fleets of the Seven Cities
Along with this, the whole graph rests on paper textures that presents a stale aspect, as impregnated by the passage of time. We thereby insist on the tangible, human and traditional character of a millenarian activity, as it is the elaboration of the wine.

This image will be placed for a month, until the next 21 December, at the rear as well as, in some cases, at the sides of the urban buses fleets. Those fleets belong to the different lines that pass through the seven Galician cities: three lines in Vigo, one in Ferrol and two in each of the remaining cities. Along with this, the same image will be the main element of the exterior fence that is in front of the facilities of the Regulatory Council. Finally, in parallel, it will be accompanied with the broadcast of a small promotional video of our wines. That one will be available on screens located in the center of Santiago for two months.

Organisation in Development
“Next year our D.O. turns 60 years. This renewed image that we present today aims to attract the attention of our stakeholders and put us as an organisation in development, without giving up the essence of our founding values and, especially, our know-how”, concluded the President of the Regulatory Council.



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