/* */ Sparkling Godello Valdeorras for 2015
01 Jan 2015

Sparkling Godello Valdeorras for 2015


Two wineries Valdeorras offer sparkling godello to provide at this time and also the rest of the year. The winery of O Boats Roandi was the first to offer a sparkling wine with grape godello produced using the traditional method and natural cave. This year they have created the Fragamoura winery in A Rúa becoming the first in Galicia devote himself exclusively to sparkling also in natural cave. It also offers a sparkling godello as its flagship product . The godello variety is proving very appropriate for this type of preparations as expert opinion. The winemakers agree that sparkling godello can accompany many menus from the beginning to the end.

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Both wineries produce their sparkling 100 % godello and then seek to surprise customers with innovations made ​​based valdeorresas other varieties. A third winery, the cooperative Virxe A Rua das Viñas prepared this year for its members a sparkling to commemorate his 50 years of life.


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