D.O. (Denomination of Origin) Valdeorras has a large diversity of soils for the surface area of vineyards it hosts; 1300 hectares.

The river Sil crosses the region from east to west, generating a symmetrically-shaped valley: steep slopes on the left bank and more gentle slopes on the right bank, essentially, in the borough councils of O Barco, A Rúa and Vilamartín.

Other rivers with a lesser volume of flow are the Xares, Bibei, Cigüeño and Casaio; in O Bolo, Larouco, Rubiá and Carballeda they fall short of forming valleys but provide sufficient slopes to cultivate vines, and terraces can be seen along the banks of the Bibei and Xares.

These southern-facing soils have always been deemed ideal for growing vines, as they are less fertile but drain well, which guarantees a more moderate yield and grapes which mature suitably.