27 Apr 2015

Pedro Ballesteros, only Spanish Master of Wine: ‘Godello, definitely godello’


The passage of the Masters of Wine by Valdeorras has left its mark on the region, and of them will talk about for a long time. The words of praise to the work of the winery and the vineyards were constant and also gave his vision of this denomination. Pedro Ballesteros, the only Master of Wine Spanish of 320 members of this International Institute of experts in the world of wine, was clear in his words when asked by the varieties and the future of this wine-growing area. He explained that “Valdeorras has a variety and land that you can place between the best regions of the world and greater value. Nature has given you the variety, climate, terrain. Now is the turn to the people believe so and begin to sell and to tell the story and make it something unique”.
When asked by the variety that must be bet in the region it was resounding and direct “godello, definitely godello”. Then explained in more detail “the region’s most important godello in quality is Valdeorras, with producers who do wonders and are recognized and appreciated throughout the world.” That is the bet that should be, but godello associated to a vineyard, a land, not just the sale of a variety, because anyone can plant it where you want. Only people who have a good land and work the variety can give quality”.
Also added that “Valdeorras bet for the quality, is very little production godello grape 2.5 million a year, so you have to get that in international markets is a myth, a niche of low production and highly valued.” There is only the view of the local market and create extraordinary recognition for large producers that sell expensive wines out, that means that people who are going to sell more expensive per kilo of grape and that those who cannot afford these expensive wines if acquire second and third wines from other producers there are. That generates an extraordinary wealth and thinks in Valdeorras quality zone.”Their assessment ends it by saying: “wine is a dream, is no longer a food. The people who pay for a wine to be a luxury, a dream. We have to encourage that dream.”These ideas coincide with the work of promotion of this variety which President is performed from the Control Board, in fact José Vicente Solarat reminds that “this designation is the only one that to take the label of godello in a bottle has to be 100% godello, without possibility of mixtures”.


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