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Cata dos Viños de Galicia 2014. Award-winning DO Valdeorras

Ayer se celebró en Santiago de Compostela, en el Hostal de los Reyes Católicos, la XXVI Cata de los Vinos de Galicia organizada por la Consellería do Medio Rural e do Mar, con la colaboración de los Consejos Reguladores de las Denominaciones de Origen Valdeorras, Ribeiro, Rías Baixas, Monterrei e Ribeira Sacra.   In this..

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04 Jul 2014

University of Vigo and Valdeorras regulatory Council to study the effect of fungicides in reds

The Council regulator of Valdeorras will again participate in a study at the University of Vigo. This time will be to investigate the effects of fungicides on the quality and safety of the Galician wines. The red wine chosen for the study is the variety Mencía de Valdeorras. With her will study the implications arising..

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27 Jun 2014

DO Valdeorras. The second oldest Designation of Origin of Galicia

The Valdeorras Designation of Origin was considered as such in 1945, but it did not obtain its legal regulation until 1957. These two dates establish the existence of this designation. Because of this, Valdeorras is the second oldest designation of Galicia. Although, due to the approval date of its regulation, it should be sharing the..

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20 Jun 2014

EPHEMERIDES: José Núñez Núñez Founder of the first American vine in Galicia and Castilla after the phylloxera nurseries

Born: 26 April 1858 He died: 27 May 1932 Best known in the village of O Barco as Don Pepito, a native of the village of Viloira, was a doctor who became famous by becoming fighter against phylloxera in Valdeorras.In 1891 they started to publish information on the appearance of this disease in the vines..

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13 Jun 2014

Guía Peñín wine tasters highlight the aging potential of the godello

“The success of the godello from Valdeorras lies in its fat sensations, the presence of the aromas and flavours of the fruits, as well as its capacity for aging inside the bottle and the experiences with casks and lees”. This is the analysis done by the wine taster of the Guía Peñín, Javier Luengo, after..

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06 Jun 2014

Miguelanxo prado will create a cuaderno de viajes (travel journal) of Valdeorras region

Illustrator Miguelanxo Prado announced yesterday that he will develop a Cuaderno de Viajes of Valdeorras region. The painter, drawer and entertainer premiered this during the presentation carried out yesterday by the Council of the Designation of Origin at the A Coruña Businessmen Confederation (CEC), about the acts for the 17th Feira do Viño de Valdeorras…

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05 Jun 2014

Valdeorras presented its activities of open doors of 7 and 8 June in Santiago de Compostela

The last Monday, day 26,Turismo de Galicia presented in Hostal Reis Católicos in Santiago, the III Jornadas de puertas abiertas in the Galician 5 denominations of origin. Valdeorras promoted in this Act, through the President of the Regulatory Council, Jose Luis Garcia Pando, the activities that will take place on 7 and 8 June in the..

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30 May 2014

The wineries of valdeorras changes the shape of certifying their wines under a new standard of quality

Quality ISO 17065 norm standard meets the requirements for those organizations that certify products as in this case the wine. The application of the same affect performance and relationship between the Control Board and covered in DO wineries Valdeorras. The changes were already picking up in rules approved in full and this may was approved..

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23 May 2014

Rutas do Viño de Galicia. Winemakers and restaurateurs valdeorras United to promote wines and the region

The third edition of the days of open doors of the Rutas do Viño de Galicia, which organises the tourism agency of Galicia (former Turgalicia), will have this year to the denomination of origin Valdeorras dumped in be known with various activities for 7 and 8 June. 11 wineries, three hotels and four restaurants belonging to the..

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16 May 2014

Two wineries in Valdeorras use anti-ice systems to protect their harvest

The region of Valdeorras has two wineries, A Tapada and Rafael Palacios, prepared to try to alleviate the effects of frost that may affect crops at this time. Between late April and mid-May Frost advisories are the order of the day, at a time in which vide has already visible clusters and any sudden change in temperature can..

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09 May 2014

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