More than 450 people tested wines in the tunnel of A Coruña

The tunnel of wine the Valdeorras held on 6 and 7 wine in A Coruña was a success according to attendance data and sales made. In two days, more than 450 people entered in the lounge of the Hotel Finisterre where were represented 40 brands of 16 wineries and tasted those wines that interested you,..

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08 Aug 2014

Viñetas desde o Atlántico and their guest artists known wines from Valdeorras

Within the framework of the celebration of the Festival “Viñetas desde o Atlántico“, held annually in the month of August since 1998, the invited artists have been able to #ShareAValdeorras and discover #AUniverseInsideEachBottlethe wines of the DO Valdeorras guided by our technical director Jorge Mazaira Valdeorras. Among the invited artists of this edition is Charlie Adlard,..

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07 Aug 2014

Opportunity to taste over 40 wines from Valdeorras in a tunnel of wine in A Coruña

Wines from bodegas 16 of Valdeorras will be present in a new edition of the “Technical conferences of the DO Valdeorras” organized by the regulatory Council of the denomination in A Coruña. Activities of special wine tasting and a tunnel of wine with more than 40 references will be Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6 and Thursday..

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04 Aug 2014

The ripening phase begins in the vineyards of Valdeorras with favourable conditions

The vines in DO Valdeorras began in the last days of July a ripening of the fruit, the ripening stages.One of the physiological changes of the grapes that occurs between late July and August depending on the location of each vineyard in the region. Thus, since the full ripening, estimated that about 50 days would..

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01 Aug 2014

Today we taste the wines Bodega Santa Marta


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24 Jul 2014

We interviewed Pilar Blanco, researcher of the EVEGA.

‘Autochthonous yeasts can be used to enhance the typicity of wines made with our varieties, such as godello’ Yeasts turn grape sugars in alcohol and other components that define the chemical and sensory properties of wine. In addition, they are a source of other products of interest that contribute to the differentiation of wines. This..

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24 Jul 2014

17TH Feira do Viño. Resounding success with more than 3,500 visitors

  The Feira do Viño de Valdeorras obtained a resounding success in this 17TH Edition, with the largest influx of visitors recorded to date in this event: between 3,500 and 4,000 people flocked to the square Andrés de Prada of O Barco where the booths of the 22 participating wineries in the Guarantee of Origin…

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15 Jul 2014

17TH Feira do Viño de Valdeorras

We are waiting for you to #ShareAValdeorras and to discover #AUniverseInsideEachBottle

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12 Jul 2014

Wines awarded ready to be enjoyed in the “Feira do Viño de Valdeorras’

This weekend we have the opportunity to taste wines from 22 wineries of the DO Valdeorras in a new edition of the Feira do Viño de Valdeorras in O Barco (Plaza Andrés de Prada). All of them have numerous awards that guarantee its quality and some of them have recently obtained them. Last week, between late June..

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09 Jul 2014

Cata dos Viños de Galicia 2014. Award-winning DO Valdeorras

Ayer se celebró en Santiago de Compostela, en el Hostal de los Reyes Católicos, la XXVI Cata de los Vinos de Galicia organizada por la Consellería do Medio Rural e do Mar, con la colaboración de los Consejos Reguladores de las Denominaciones de Origen Valdeorras, Ribeiro, Rías Baixas, Monterrei e Ribeira Sacra.   In this..

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04 Jul 2014

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