Gastronómika 2014. Wines from Valdeorras arouse excitement in San Sebastián among experts and amateurs

Last week was held in the city of San Sebastián a new edition of the fair Gastronomika. At the fair, for the third consecutive year, the wines of Valdeorras through the stand of the regulatory Council. The technical manager of the DO, Jorge Mazaira, was commissioned to promote wines and offer tastings between the large..

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14 Oct 2014

The study of the effect of fungicides on the quality of the wines start in Valdeorras

The study on the effects of fungicides on the quality and safety of the Galician wines is already underway at the headquarters of the Council regulator of Valdeorras in Vilamartín. Last week they began to produce the wines of mencia to be studied in this project where he used 1500 kilos of grapes to develop..

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01 Oct 2014

Cooperative Valdeorras. More than 1000 partners begin vintage

The three cooperative wineries of Valdeorras: Jesús Nazareno en O Barco, Virgen de las Viñas in A Rúa and Virgen de los Remedios in Larouco they are working or about to open its doors to collect this year’s harvest. COOPERATIVE O BARCO: OPENING DAY 19 The first to start collecting was that of O Barco (Jesús Nazareno) last..

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25 Sep 2014

Tasting of grapes in A Coruña with draw for weekend wine tourism in Valdeorras [Updated]

This Sunday, day 21, at 10:30 in the morning, will be held in A Coruña a “tasting of grapes of Valdeorras” at the headquarters of the equestrian sports society. Commissioning from the regulator Council of Valdeorras activity will be headed by the technical director of the DO, Jorge Mazaira, who will explain the characteristics of..

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18 Sep 2014

Wines from Valdeorras and its presence in the Festas do Cristo (O Barco)

The arrival of September in Valdeorras means vintage and Festival of O Cristo in O Barco. Each year festivities open with a speech which, on this occasion, is borne by the historian Antonio Castro Voces. A scholar of the history of Valdeorras and also of their wines. His writings on the history of wine in..

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10 Sep 2014

Bioca starts vintage savoring the award as best Spanish white for Argentines

María Teresa Núñez Vega winery located in the town of PEtin and best known for its brand of wine Bioca, begins to collect grapes for the next vintage award of the gold medal for his godello, having recently in a contest of wine in the Argentine city of Mendoza, being the only award-winning Spanish wine…

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04 Sep 2014

DO Valdeorras the first of Galicia to begin the harvest

  While other Galician names still not have gotten at slaughter, in the valdeorresa already is working on two fronts: for sparkling wines and wine collection. Last week it opened to sparkling vintage and today the winery Godeval it began with godello collection to make their varietal wines. Began vintage this Winery on the farm..

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01 Sep 2014

Valdeorras begins the harvest picking grapes for a sparkling

The first Winery of Valdeorras begin harvest this year was Roandi. It started this morning picking grapes for its sparkling, the first elaborated with godello covered by the DO Valdeorras. In total will be around 35000 kilograms of grape godello collected in the vineyards of the estate “Os forroxancos”, area of gold extraction in Roman..

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27 Aug 2014

Teodoro Benéitez: “got to market first godello de Valdeorras in 1979”

Teodoro Benéitez today is 86 years old, lives in Santa Cruz (O Bolo) and lays claim to being the first private winemaker who in 1979 released the first bottle 100% godello. He sold it with your brand, Falcueira, for being the vineyards in an area known as “Tierra de halcones” and still remembers that labels..

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22 Aug 2014

More than 450 people tested wines in the tunnel of A Coruña

The tunnel of wine the Valdeorras held on 6 and 7 wine in A Coruña was a success according to attendance data and sales made. In two days, more than 450 people entered in the lounge of the Hotel Finisterre where were represented 40 brands of 16 wineries and tasted those wines that interested you,..

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08 Aug 2014

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