Sparkling Godello Valdeorras for 2015

Two wineries Valdeorras offer sparkling godello to provide at this time and also the rest of the year. The winery of O Boats Roandi was the first to offer a sparkling wine with grape godello produced using the traditional method and natural cave. This year they have created the Fragamoura winery in A Rúa becoming..

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01 Jan 2015

Cooperativa de A Rúa: 1964-2014, 50 years of experience

In 1964 began to operate the Cooperative Virxe das Viñas A Rúa chaired by Francisco fucks Respino as winemaker Manuel Sánchez Quiroga began . 50 years after the cooperative continues to operate with more than 600 partners and developing their wines always besides introducing new brands on the market. To celebrate half a century of..

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26 Dec 2014

Miguelanxo Prado. A universe in each vignette.

The world famous illustrator , animator, cartoonist and author Galician poster Valdeorras Wine Fair 2014 , Miguelanxo Prado, will be honored in 2015 with the symbolic delivery of wine from the vineyard of acountryman of Valdeorras. The author , meanwhile , perform a travel itinerary on landscapes , wines and heritage of the region of..

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23 Dec 2014

Galicia Calidade. Two wineries Valdeorras this distinctive feature: Ruchel and A Coroa

The Ruchel and A Coroa wineries boast Galicia Calidade seal that helps them advertise their wines inside and outside of Galicia. The winery Ruchel got it in 2008 and A Coroa entered this quality mark last week. Both use this seal on their labels for buyers of their wines know that quality is controlled by..

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13 Dec 2014

Valdeorras wineries open market looking Colombia

Nine Valdeorras wineries participated this week in the tunnel wine organized by the Confederation of Employers of Ourense to Colombian importers . An activity that was part of the work program entitled : internationalize us ?, and which aims to promote trade relations with other countries through information sessions and tastings in the case of..

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28 Nov 2014

Futures Galician learn about wine sommeliers and names Valdeorras

Students in the Advanced Course in Santiago Sommelier received this week about the history of the denomination of origin Valdeorras and tasted some of their wines to meet its aromas and flavors. The second edition of this course organized by the Instituto Galego do Viño has on its agenda with a presentation to the students..

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21 Nov 2014

Magnum format. 15 wineries of Valdeorras bottled wines in magnum format to improve its quality and evolution

Bottled in magnum format wines are increasing their demand in the market. There are 15 wineries that now produce some of its brands in this type of packaging in Valdeorras. All of them coincide in highlighting that the wine gains in quality and that its evolution is better in a liter bottle and a half…

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14 Nov 2014

Luis López Alvarez, Member of the Valdeorras regulatory Council since its creation in the 1950s

Luis López Álvarez known as “Luis Folla” was a member of the first full Council regulator of Valdeorras in the 1950s. To this position as vocal reached by its relationship with the world of wine through the winery his father founded in O Barco in the 1940s. During his lifetime also occupied the positions of..

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07 Nov 2014

EVEGA. Ourense has a laboratory authorized for international certification of wines

The viticulture and enology of Galicia (EVEGA) Research Center, located in Leiro, received the international accreditation ENAC (national accreditation entity) after one year of implementation of a quality system. This international certification (standard UNE-EN-ISO 17025) makes it a center that will feature a laboratory in Galicia accredited and focused on analysing the wines in their..

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31 Oct 2014

Vintage 2014. Valdeorras ends vintage campaign promoting the mencia and godello

After the 2013 campaign, marked by the bad weather conditions, the DO Valdeorras returning normality in terms of amount of kilos of grapes collected during the months of September and October. Once the campaign is made balance and analyzes data, demonstrating these preferred varieties are gaining ground every year and now account for over 70%..

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24 Oct 2014

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