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25 years of passion for wine: The Valdeorras Wine Fair celebrates its silver anniversary with the participation of over 20 wineries.

The poster designed by Miguelanxo Prado, the opening speech by journalist Xabier Fortes, and the cuisine by chef Xosé Manuel Mallón are some of the highlights of this new edition of the fair At an event attended by the Mayor of O Barco, Alfredo García, Rodríguez Castellanos also wanted to thank all the staff of..

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07 May 2024

The secret of the godello of Valdeorras

In the video that we share below (subtitled in English), the specialized portal Campogalego.es explains the keys that make Valdeorras godellos unique: tradition, age of the vineyards, and the great variety of climates and soils. – Report from Campo Galego magazine about the godello of Valdeorras

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29 Sep 2023

The Regulating Board of the Designation of Origin Valdeorras takes part for the first time in the prestigious Burgundy Vinexpo Exhibition

A total of 14 wineries with 28 different wine brands under Valdeorras territory are taking part these days in the exhibition space from the Regulating Board in the prestigious Burgundy Vinexpo exhibition. “It is the first time that our wines take part in this forum”, states García Pando, who emphasizes also that “ the exhibition..

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13 May 2019

Málaga and Madrid to host several promotional events focused on Valdeorras wines

Valdeorras wines will be the focus of a number of promotional events that will take place on the Costa del Sol this November. Specifically, on Monday 19 November the city of Málaga will host a presentation of white and red wines covered by our designation of origin, complemented by a wine tasting experience with commentary..

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24 Oct 2018

Valdeorras joins the CLUB of ENAC-accredited designations of origin

The chairman of the Valdeorras Designation of Origin Regulatory Council, Mr. José Luis García Pando, announced today, in a press conference to present the region’s 21st Wine Fair, that the body he chairs ‘has joined the club of ENAC-accredited designations of origin.’ As Mr García Pando highlighted, ‘the joint efforts of the entire wine industry in the..

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10 Jul 2018

German trade show Prowein will promote Valdeorras wines in new niche markets

Several Valdeorras wine brands from 12 wineries of this county will promote themselves in the exhibition space that the Regulatory Conuncil will have in the Spanish Pavilion, within the framework of the prestigious specialized forum Prowein 2018, starting this current Sunday. The Vicepresident of this organization, Marcos Prada, will travel to Düsseldorf in order to take..

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16 Mar 2018

Nine wineries from Valdeorras take part in the Hong Kong International Wine Fair starting next thursday

The Regulating Board of the Designation of Origin Valdeorras will take part between the 9th and the 11th of November in the Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair, “one of the most relevant wine fairs held in the Asian continent”, as the president of this organisation, José Luis García Pando, states himself. “The average..

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06 Nov 2017

Promotional video of the D.O. Valdeorras

The campaign “Valdeorras: An unique know-how” is complemented by a promotional video about the viticulture in the region. That exalts the whites and red ones of the zone and shows the value of the unique region landscape. This video will be available on screens located in the center of Santiago de Compostela for the next..

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21 Nov 2016

The Regulatory Council set up a promotional campaign on Valdeorras wines in the seven Galician cities

The President of the Regulatory Council of the Guarantee of Origin Valdeorras, Francisco García, presented this morning at a press conference the graphic image and the philosophy of a promotional campaign on Valdeorras wines that will be launched for a month in the main Galician cities: A Coruña, Santiago, Ferrol, Pontevedra, Vigo, Lugo and Ourense…

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18 Nov 2016

Two wines from Santa Marta wine cellar belonging to Valdeorras Appelation of Origin receive awards in the World Contest hold in Brussels

Two wines from Santa Marta wine cellar belonging to Valdeorras Appelation of Origin receive awards in the World Contest hold in Brussels. The vinyard Barrica Sousón (2011) received  a golden medal  and the vinyard Godello (2015) a silver one. Both wines, produced by Santa Marta wine cellar, where the only ones from Valdeorras Appelation of..

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06 May 2016

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