10 Jan 2015

Luís Paadin assesses the potential for aging wines from Valdeorras


The sommelier Luís Paadin spoke with devotion wines of Valdeorras introducing its new guide to wines and spirits Galician 2015. He explained that “surprised by its structure in mouth and minerality in whites and for the joy and diversity in reds, besides for their ability to age in both cases”. These are some of the adjectives used to describe the wines tasted in June of last year and now contained in the Guide to wines and distillates of Galicia 2015.

In this third edition, Luis Paadín and his team, collected more than 523 wineries and distilleries in Galicia in 535 tasting sheets, in total more than 1400 wines and distillates Galician references are. 46 wineries, all are present with respect to the de Valdeorras designation, and half were great gold, gold, silver and bronze medals in any of its trademarks or several of them. Luis Paadin explained that 29% of the medals that were awarded in this denomination were pre-2013 crops so “is dismantling the myth that only Valdeorras is young, fresh and fruity wines also there are very interesting age-worthy wines”.


The general assessment for the 2013 targets was wines with more minerality and the reds are “happy and there is diversity, they surprised the garnachas obtained high scores,” said Paadin. Also considered positive that being noticed “less wood in wines, non are so pinochos and are more fruit bowls, and I am a supporter of this trend”.

The guide is on sale since December in libraries and internet to count with an orientation of what is made in Galicia. Rated wines will participate in several events which will be organized in Galicia and Madrid in the coming months.



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