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Legal Notice of Intellectual Property Protection

The intellectual property rights, or copyright, of the web site www.dovaldeorras.tv and of any its added elements belong to the company LIMAIA PRODUCCIÓNS S.L., which reserves the right to carry out any modifications and/or updates to the information contained on the site at any time and without the need to give prior warning. The treatment of the personal data which takes place through this web site will be subject to what is established in Organic Law 15/1999, on the protection of personal data, and other applicable regulations, in force presently or at a time in question.

Access to the web site as well as the use made of the content by surfers, visitors, participants, sponsors and/or advertisers are the sole and exclusive responsibility of said users (surfers, visitors, participants, sponsors and/or advertisers).

The non-authorised use of the information and/or any other elements contained on the web site, as well as the damage caused to the copyright of the company LIMAIA PRODUCCIÓNS S.L., will give rise to the pertinent legal proceedings and/or, in such case, to the responsibilities that derive. LIMAIA PRODUCCIÓNS S.L. assumes no responsibility relating to or deriving from the connection to content of links to third parties which the web site www.dovaldeorras.tv., might contain at present or in the future. LIMAIA PRODUCCIÓNS S.L., also states that the intellectual and/or industrial property rights of the pages linked belong to the corresponding authors and/or owners.

The sending of non-requested bulk mail to email accounts used and/or directly related with this web site is absolutely forbidden. The company, LIMAIA PRODUCCIóNS S.L. will not be responsible for the pain and suffering that the illegitimate or improper use of the tools and/or information contained in the abovementioned web site might cause.