/* */ 25 years of passion for wine: The Valdeorras Wine Fair celebrates its silver anniversary with the participation of over 20 wineries.
07 May 2024

25 years of passion for wine: The Valdeorras Wine Fair celebrates its silver anniversary with the participation of over 20 wineries.

The poster designed by Miguelanxo Prado, the opening speech by journalist Xabier Fortes, and the cuisine by chef Xosé Manuel Mallón are some of the highlights of this new edition of the fair

At an event attended by the Mayor of O Barco, Alfredo García, Rodríguez Castellanos also wanted to thank all the staff of the Regulatory Council and the Plenary members for the effort made to coordinate the various actions that will take place, this time a month earlier than usual, in order to increase the already significant impact it has among wine professionals and enthusiasts and its international projection.

As part of the challenge posed by such a significant edition, the prestigious artist Miguelanxo Prado has been chosen to design the commemorative poster for the 25th anniversary. The winner of the ‘National Comic Award’ and the ‘Alph-Art for Best Foreign Album’, among others, has created a piece of art titled ‘Drinking the Earth and the Landscape’, which will be the image of the Fair. The Coruña-based illustrator emphasized, ‘I wanted to capture in the image of the poster what we condensed in its title. Inside the bottle, in that miracle which is wine, we can recognize its genetic footprint. In the case of Valdeorras, the water from the river, the lands of the valley, the elevations of the mountain slopes, the terraces, the granite, the slate, the sun, and the rain.

The Fair, which will take place on June 1st and 2nd at the fairground, will feature journalist and director of ‘La noche en 24 horas’, Xabier Fortes, as the official speaker in an event that will serve as the official inauguration of the event.

In a comprehensive overview of the Fair’s program, the president of the Regulatory Council wanted to highlight ‘two tastings of a selection of wines from our D.O. that will take place on Saturday the 2nd, and the second edition of the Popular Wine Tasting of the Valdeorras Wine Fair, a free activity where adult attendees can experience firsthand the work done by official sommeliers who participate in wine competitions and events, which will be held on Sunday morning (set to occur on Sunday morning)

A total of twenty (20) wineries, three (3) wine tastings, a showcooking event where chef Xosé Manuel Mallón will unleash all his creativity, and a concert by ‘Los Alcántara’ constitute the highlights of a program brimming with culture, gastronomy, nature, and music, culminating with the awards ceremony of the popular wine tasting as the grand finale or crowning moment to two intense days of wine and festivity, celebration.
Moreover, the Fair will host a designed área for younger attendees, dedicated area for children in the gardens of Casa Grande de Viloira, in Barco de Valdeorras, where they can enjoy entertaining inflatables.

Regarding the Schedule, the fairground Will be open from 12:30 to 14:30 and from 20:00 to 00:00. This special evento Will conclude on Sunday at 23:00

In the following link, you can view the complete program of activities for the fair:

The participating wineries
The fair will feature the participation of 21 wineries: A Cova da Xabreira, Adega A Coroa, Adega Alan de Val, Adega Arnadoval, Adega Melillas – Lagar do Cigur, Adega O Casal, Adega O Cepado, Adega Quinta da Peza, Barón do Sil, Bioca, Bodega Cooperativa Jesús Nazareno, Bodega Godeval, Bodega Hacienda Ucediños, Bodega Joaquín Rebolledo, Bodega Roandi, Bodegas Ruchel, Bodega Sampayolo, Bodega Santa Marta, D’Berna, Viña Costeira, and Virgen del Galir.


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